Family Events

We hold a variety of family, student and community events throughout the year.


There is nothing more fun or memorable to students and their families than to see their friends celebrated front €and €center! Phillips students, teachers and parents show off their talents every year in May.

Participating in a talent show gives all students recognition for non-€academic talents. It also provides character €building lessons during try-€outs, practice and performance.

Our wonderful music teachers organize and emcee this popular event in our Multi-Use room.


Along with an extensive variety of great books, Scholastic Book Fairs offers many other items, such as school supplies, journals, and activity kits that encourage exploration, self-expression, creative problem-solving, and other important skills.

With each Scholastic Book Fair, our school earns books and funds to improve the school.


Jump Rope For Heart (JRFH) is a national fundraising program sponsored by the American Heart Association.  JRFH is a valuable program that promotes physical activity, heart healthy living, and community service to children.  JRFH is targeted at students in elementary schools, but anyone can hold a program at their school, child care center, community center, or anywhere!

Jump Rope For Heart...

  • Is a fun event!
  • Promotes community service
  • Is an educational program for elementary school students
  • Raises money to fund lifesaving research and educational programs 
  • Teaches students to set and achieve goals and discover that they can make a difference!

The elementary school years encompass a time when children should establish a strong foundation for movement skills. These are also the years when positive learning experiences can help establish a positive attitude and appreciation for participating in regular, daily physical activity for life. The best reason of all to join this event is that kids love it!

Harvest Festival

Winter Festival


Every year we have two STEAM nights - in December and May. Organized by the technology specialist and classroom teachers, the events share new educational tools with parents and showcase student work in project based learning. The program usually begins with an informative multimedia show in the multi-use room followed by break out sessions where parents can see student presentations, and join their children in one of our computer labs for a "hands on" look at projects. This is also a wonderful time to exchange email addresses with your classroom teacher!


Phillips' annual  fundraiser draws hundreds of Carnival-goers. Our Parent Faculty Club invests the proceeds to help support the more than 700 students and teachers at the school.

From games and crafts to food and live performances, hosting Carnival takes months of preparation prior to opening day in May. Every year, parents and other volunteers organize, plan and execute the theme and activities for the event. This dedicated community also contributes their time to prepare for and staff the many Carnival booths and activities.

Today, the Carnival features around 30 different booths with food, games, and other Carnival-going fun, appealing to all ages. Carnival favorites include the Talent Show, the Tres Hermanos booth, and the hugely popular silent auction.


It takes a special event to get 400 children eagerly jogging around a track for 10, 15, or even 20 laps. If that event brings out dozens of parent volunteers at one time while raising school spirit and improving physical fitness, even better. Our successful fun runs accomplish all this every month throughout the school year.

One reason the events are popular is that they promote physical fitness. The PE teachers partner with the classroom staff to prepare students for the event by teaching the importance of warm-up exercises, how to pace themselves as they run, and proper running technique. Students are monitored as they participate and they get prizes based on their performance.

Family members are welcome to jog with their children!

Spirit Days

Student Council will periodically schedule special spirit days when students and teachers dress according to a theme. (Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day, etc.) Spirit Day announcements will be made at the daily flag salute and in the Eagle Newsletter. You can find shirts and other fun items with our school logo or mascot on the Spirit Wear page.



Our field day is held annually in June and features activities that emphasize fun over skill!  Parents, teachers and upper grade students work together to create an exciting event for the children. Here are some of the events:

Balance Beam | BeanBag Walk. Students place a beanbag on their heads. How many times can a student walk the length of the balance beam without letting the beanbag fall? Each student is challenged to walk the beam five times (up, back, up, back, and up again).

Bowling Bash. Set up 20 to 30 bowling pins. (Two-liter plastic soda bottles filled with an inch of sand make perfect bowling pins.) How many pins can students knock down in three rolls of the ball?

Hula Hoop Frisbee Throw. Spread on the ground -- or hang from a tree or clothesline -- a number of Hula Hoops. Give each student five chances to toss a Frisbee into (or through) one of the hoops.


Once a year we provide opportunities for parents and children to learn about the PACENT Program and enjoy math activities together.  At each grade level, there will be a sampling of games and activities from our math curriculum that you and your child can experience.  Classrooms will also provide math activities that students can access on computers.


For 6th Grade Students

The Alliance Redwoods Outdoor Education Program is known for its exceptional quality.

Our Program comprises a variety of Environmental Science classes, Challenges Course activities, Team Building Initiative classes, beach field trips, night hikes, and camp fire/skit nights.
Sixth grade curriculum meets the CA State Standards for Outdoor Education
All of our Naturalists who teach our curriculum are college graduates with extensive outdoor science and environmental education experiences
Alliance Redwoods is located just over an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Scholarship Program available