School dress is an important factor in maintaining a healthy, positive and safe learning environment. Phillips has an agreed upon school dress code that includes solid colored bottoms (except jeans and tight jeggings), and solid shirts with a collar.  These clothes can be any color. In addition, we follow the district wide expectations which includes the following:  Inappropriate types of clothing are short-shorts, halter tops, tube tops, tank tops, football half-shirts or see-through mesh shirts, baggy pants, logos promoting drug or alcohol use, profanity, or intolerance against ethnic or religious groups, or other types of attire that interfere with the instructional program. Short hems must be at least the length of the longest finger on the hand-to-thigh. Shoes must be worn at all times and be appropriate to student safety and include at least a strap around the back of the foot. Flip-flop type sandals are not appropriate for wear at school. Shoe laces must be tied at all times. Hats and hoods will not be worn in the classrooms. If you have questions about our school dress code, please inquire in the school office.

The following is a list of items not permitted at school:

  • Any form of dangerous object that could be used as a weapon including real or toy guns, knives, or pocket knives or other sharp objects

  • Any electronic devices such as cell phones, radios, stereos, ipods, etc. unless part of a student presentation or project with the knowledge and permission of the classroom teacher (Cell phones needed for after school use must be turned off and kept in the student’s backpack or checked at the office for safekeeping until after school. Any violation of this rule will result in the cell phone being confiscated only to be released to the parent or guardian.)

  • Any trading/game cards or toys

Students are not permitted to sell anything on campus except as part of an organized fundraising effort on behalf of student council, parent club, or other approved non-profit organizations.


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