Mission & Core Values

Students at Phillips Elementary School will receive an academically rigorous core curriculum that emphasizes creativity, communication, collaboration, innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving. The tools that we will use are the Common Core Standards, project based learning, departmentalization, and a STEAM emphasis to prepare students for college and careers in a socially responsible way.

Students at Phillips Elementary School will develop foundations for higher-level critical thinking skills through relevant real-world contexts that will prepare them for success in post-high school education and careers. Students will become literate in science, technology, and mathematics. Common Core Standards will be implemented with research-based curriculum to meet the needs of our students with various learning profiles and socio-economic backgrounds. As a professional learning community, we will couple high expectations with strong school-family-community partnerships to bolster student academic achievement.

Phillips Elementary School has a unique professional learning community among teachers and staff. Teachers meet daily to jointly plan instruction in grade level teams.  They also participate in weekly, all-staff professional development on key topics, including creating a positive school and classroom climate, effective communication, and understanding of issues around poverty and cultural diversity.

Many teachers co-teach, and all teachers use teacher collaborative time to look at student data, using it to inform their instruction.  Phillips teachers and staff model the lifelong learning and behavior skills we are seeking to instill in our students.