Drop-off and Pick-up by car: When dropping off and picking up your student we ask that you drive through the lot using the route below. During pickup, for obvious safety reasons students will not be allowed to get into a car outside of the parking area unless accompanied by an adult.

Loading Zone: Please use the designated loading zone as shown on the map to drop off and pickup your children. Staff members are available after school to assist you in this area.


AM Kindergarteners: Pick up at 1:10 pm in person.

AM Kindergarteners: Pick up at 3:00 pm

Please come to the lunch tables at the play structure side of Rooms 2/3 and the children will be walked out by their teacher. 


With our very limited space, we appreciate the difficulty of parking while visiting the school. To make our small parking lot function efficiently, we have a few rules:

  • Staff Parking: Please refrain from using the reserved staff parking spaces at all times. We have many itinerant staff members who arrive at various times during the week and must be able to reach the building quickly to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Red Curb Area: Please do not leave your car unattended in the red curb area at the front of our school. This area must remain clear for school district and city busses.
  • Neighbors: Please be considerate of our neighbors and be sure not to block any driveways or park illegally.