STEAM ..... STEM + Art

Phillips Elementary School provides students with a challenging education focused on science, technology, engineering, math and the arts (including language arts, visual and performing arts) to inspire the joy of discovery and innovation while preparing students for college and 21st Century STEM jobs. The goal of our program is to provide students with a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy along with  hands-on learning experiences through Project Based Learning (PBL), thus preparing them for the rigors of middle school, high school and beyond.

In the lower grades (K and 1), the focus will be on building a strong foundation for STEM including literacy and basic mathematics skills as well as incorporating more expository reading.  These strategies will continue in grades 2-3 along with exposure to Project Based Learning (PBL) to prepare for the upper grades where they will begin to fully implement STEM. In grades 4-6, students will receive STEM education delivered by a highly trained teacher for one period per day.

ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematics + Art


Our K-6 STEM curriculum will meet the following criteria:

  • aligns to the California state science standards.
  • emphasizes active, hands-on exploration and project-based learning.
  • helps students apply what they learn to their own lives.
  • emphasizes science, technology, and engineering literacy for all students, starting in the earliest grades.
  • helps teachers connect STEM concepts across other subject areas.
  • provides easy access for all students, including students above and below academic levels, English learners, and students with disabilities.
  • has a reading comprehension and vocabulary focus that can be integrated with the school’s reading program.

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