The goal of Phillips Elementary School’s program is to provide a rich learning experience where students and staff work together to become effective, life-long users of ideas, information and technology. Technology enables both PBL and STEAM projects.  

Students are challenged to:

  • Understand and demonstrate ethical behavior in use and care of technology.
  • Demonstrate skill in using a variety of technologies
  • Demonstrate the ability to choose appropriate technology tools to accomplish tasks.
  • Recognize and evaluate the impact technology has on society.

Students gather information for assignments with search engines, ebooks, streaming video, webinars and expert presentations with Skype. They process information with wikis, Edmodo discussion groups and email with their teachers. Demonstrations of learning are created with a variety of evolving online tools which currently include Windows Movie Maker, Prezi, Kerpoof, and Go Animate. Students needing intervention support have access to Dreambox Math, iReads, Read 180 and System 44. Student work is published online for review by real audiences around the world.

The school employs a full time technology specialist to support hardware and software needs of our community. In addition to our computer lab, we support 2 Chromebook carts and 1 iPad cart for student use.

See student work here!